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Artbits-December 14, 2017

Richford Community Chorus performs for Montgomery Holiday Happiness. The Swanton Writer’s Group will meet. Three Christmas Plays start a three day run. Carol Ann Jones three times, IncaHoots twice, and Leno & Young, Mark LeGrand, Myra Flynn, Bad Horsey play different nights. There is a StorySLAM and two Open Mics. We have library links. Continue reading

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Artbits-October 12, 2017

The Stars at NMC are sending boxes of protective gear to the Keys. The King Returns to the Flynn in a benefit to aid the fight against cancer. SAC hosts an Art Social and Pin Swap, an annual meeting, and the Writer’s Group. The Opera House at Enosburg Falls presents three hilarious plays. Tim Brick, Cooper and Lavoie, Inseldudler, the Blue Rock Boys, Coon Hill John, and Carol Ann Jones hit the stages. There is a screening of Blood, Sweat, and Beer. Continue reading

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Artbits-August 10, 2017

The Big Music Weeks of Summer continue. The Hokum Bros. live and in color are the Summer Sounds Surprise. David Rosane and the Zookeepers, Kylie, Will Patton and Mark Struhsacker, Carol Ann Jones & The Superchargers, the Ellen Powell Trio, Shane Murley, the Thea Wren Trio, Rushmore, Ben Guihan, the 40th Army Band, the Missisquoi River Band, the Vermont Jazz Ensemble, and the Citizens Concert Band all have gigs. There’s a Girls Rock Showcase, a Tribute to Brooke Ostrander, and more. Art lovers have a Pop Up Pop In gallery, the 9th annual Festival of the Arts, an Evening of Creative Crafts and Craft Beer and a Chair Affair. The SAC Writer’s Group meets. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 25, 2017

Summer Music at Grace kicks off the new season with the 15th annual Farewell Reunion concert. Vermont’s 24th annual Open Studio Weekend begins. The Missisquoi River Band, Carol Ann Jones and Will Patton, Dave Keller, Jesse & Dave, BBP, Tyler and Ryan, and Justice have gigs. AMP Nights conclude for the season and the Discover Jazz Festival begins. Continue reading

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Artbits-May 4, 2017

Donna Blatchly, John Selmer, Holly Spier, El Towle, and Ted Zilius are featured artists. The MAG opens. Rusty DeWees, Nobby Reed, Chris & Erica, the Owl Stars, All Without The Bass have gigs. J.P. Choquette does a workshop. Continue reading

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Artbits-April 27, 2017

The 51st Vermont Maple Festival takes over the weekend. Artists Alex Foltz and Jon Young collaborate. Young Tradition is touring. Clare Dolan, Farm Song, Kerrin McCadden, Troy Millette, Daniel Rahilly and Ty Cicia, and InCahoots all have gigs. Continue reading

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